Seerah for Kids: Lesson 2

Lesson 2:  The need for a Prophet and the Year of the Elephant

In this lesson, we covered these two aspects.

S.EC.00.02: list reasons the world was in need of another prophet
from Allah.

S.EC.00.03:  retell some of the significant events that
accompanied His  birth.

We began by discussing that the world needed another Prophet to get rid of the Shirk and teach the people Tawheed, as well as to rid them of the bad things and teach them good manners.

We then went on to read the booklet ‘The Year of the Elephant’ and understand that this was the year that the Prophet SAWS was born in.

We also read another version of the story of the elephant from The Life of Mohammad in twenty stories (Abdul Tawwab Yusuf), and it was very interesting for the girls to hear it as if the elephant was speaking.


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