Seerah for Kids: Lesson 3

Lesson 3: The Prophet Mohammad SAWS’s birth and family

We began by reading the booklet ‘The Orphan Boy’ and learnt how the Prophet’s father Abdulla died before his birth. We learnt that it was his grandfather Abdul Mutalib who chose the name of Mohammad.

We used a family tree template to identify the Prophet’s father, mother and grandparents (although we could not find any authentic reports for the name of his maternal grandmother!)

Father: Abdullah
Mother: Aaminah
Paternal Grandfather: Abdul Mutalib (real name: Shaibah bin Hashim)
Paternal Grandmother: Fatimah Bint Amr
Maternal Grandfather: Wahab ibn Abd Manaf
Maternal Grandmother: Unknown

We also did a mini birth card for Prophet Mohammad SAWS using this template to learn the exact date the Prophet SAWS was born on.

Finally we completed the worksheet for the Orphan Boy.

InshAllah we’ll continue with a more detailed study of the Prophet Mohammad SAWSs family and life as we go along.


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