Lesson 2: Why do we Pray?

Lesson 2: Why do we Pray?

I wanted to begin with this topic because it helps children visualize and understand the reasons behind why they are praying rather than just explaining to them how they do it. Elhamdulilah, I came across a great book in Arabic called 'limatha nusali' (why do we pray) and it had so many reasons all supported by the Quran and Sunnah showing the benefits as well as duties of prayer.

The hadith used in this picture is a very visual and nice one to do with your kids. Shake a branch and show the children the falling leaves. Explain to them that when they pray the five prayers their sins fall off just like those leaves. (see resource book link below)

I have chosen several of these that are the most important and easiest to communicate to kids. You can use as many as little or as many as you need but try to support them with some practical activities so that they stick in their minds :)

You can download the resource book here:


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