Connecting your child to Allah

The ultimate goal of parents should be to root the right Aqeedah and iman in the hearts of their children. Once that is done, the child will follow an internal reward system that will make the lives of parents much easier. The Muslim’s Aqeedah is belief in Allah, His Angels, His Books, His Messengers, the Day of Judgment, and Fate whether good or bad. 

InshAllah today we will look at the first and most important part which is connecting the child to Allah.

Here are 10 practical thinks you can do to connect your child to Allah:
1.    Teach your child the Shahadah.
2.    Let them hear you talk about Allah, his blessings, etc..Recite the Quran aloud and make duaa in front of them.
3.    Show them the signs of Allah through His creation. Foster in them the habit of contemplation. Ask questions like ‘Who created the sun?’
4.    Teach the child to thank Allah for everything He gave us.
5.    Teach them the names of Allah and their meanings. Teach especially the names that reflect Allah’s mercy, and love for His creation. Teach them the names that show Allah’s great power and knowledge of everything.
6.    Teach your child that Allah can see everything we do, and that He knows every secret. Instill in them a sense of maraqaba.
7.    Teach them sincerity (ikhlas), that every action they do is only for Allah and for His pleasure.
8.    Teach your child that he must obey Allah and that this may sometimes go against his own desires and wants. Remind him of what Allah has promised those who are obedient to Him and His prophet and their reward in the hereafter.
9.    Teach your child to only ask Allah when he wants something and that Allah is the only one capable of giving him what he wants.
10.  Give them simple Aqeedah lessons. This is a good document called المبادئ المفيدة في التوحيد والفقه والعقيدة that has simple Questions and answers and can be used with kids.


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