Seerah for Kids: Lesson 1

Seerah Lesson 1: Arab Society before the Prophet's Birth

In this lesson, we covered the Curriculum’s main point which is:

S.EC.00.01: discuss and list some aspects of the Arab society and the world before the Prophet’s birth.

We started off by reading the booklet Before Islam, and noting some of the characteristics of the Arab Society at that time. We discussed why this time was called ‘Ayamul Jahiliya’ or the Days of Ignorance. We discussed how they did magic, treated their slaves badly and prefered boys over girls.

We also talked about tribes and what it meant to be a part of a tribe. We talked about the names of several tribes and that the main tribe in Makkah at the time was called Quraish.

Here's the fact sheet we used for Tribes.

We used Um Maymoonah's worksheets and notes to go through the good and bad things of Arab Society at the time. Elhamdulilah they are beginning to understand how society at that time had a lot of faults and this will lead on nicely to the next lesson about the need for a Prophet and Prophet Mohammad Salla Allahu Allaihi Wassalam's birth.


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